For New Residents

Welcome to the neighborhood! Here is some information regarding our neighborhood and the services you can expect from the county. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please ask a neighbor; we’re always happy to help a newcomer.

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Trash and recycling are both scheduled for pickup on Thursdays. The county directs you to have your cans/bins curbside by 6AM the day of pickup but suggests you place them out the evening before just to be sure. To see what types of items can be recycled, what items need to be in refuse, and which ones need to wait for the special Hazardous Waste days at the local facility, please visit the Department of Public Works site. Our local refuse center, Sudley Convenience Center, is only a five-minute drive, so many residents make frequent trips with yard waste and whatnot between curbside pickups. Don’t hesitate to let a neighbor know if you have something to take to the center and you cannot do it yourself.

The South County Senior Center has a multitude of classes, lectures, exhibits, trips and performances. To see if there’s anything you’re interested in, browse their site. There is a Deale Area Historical Society if history is your “thing” and a Smithsonian Environmental Research Center if ecology and costal science interests you. Have an interest? Ask a neighbor about local opportunities.

The community has several get-togethers during the year — our wine and cheese + auction in the summer, a holiday progressive dining event, a spring luncheon at one of our various local restaurants, and our always anticipated lighting of the Festivus Tree in the common area during yule time. Please feel free to participate as you wish — no pressure but you are always welcome!

And finally, don’t hesitate to ask your neighbors if you have a question, be it where to buy the best pesto, which local farmer’s market stand is the best, or even where to see the best fireworks on the 4th of July. And Welcome to the community!




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