Anne Arundel County Maryland

Rest Haven on Parker’s Island Creek was a part of 100 acres granted to Christopher Gardiner in 1665, named Gardiner’s Folly. Gardiner’s land extended from Back Creek (now Parker’s Creek), to Broad Creek (now Broadwater Creek). Two years later the land passed to Thomas Daborne and became Daborne’s Inheritance.

After World War II, the property was owned by John H. McKibbon, a subsistence farmer who had purchased the former Phipps farm. Living in the old farmhouse, McKibbon first sold lots along Cedar Drive facing Parker’s Creek. In January 1951 McKibbon platted what he called “Rest Haven — On Parker Island Creek in Deale, 7th District Anne Arundel County, Maryland” consisting of 23 lots, some along Bay View Drive on the water and others in the interior with water views. (See plat below.)

Homes have been remodeled and replaced, and some property lines have been added or removed, but the Rest Haven community still remains an integral part of Anne Arundel’s “South County.”

For more history of Rest Haven and its surrounding area, download the paper prepared by a former Rest Haven resident.

Rest Haven plat circa January 1951

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